Can You Download Mimio Software Without Disk?

MimioStudio is a powerful collaboration and classroom assessment software that lets you create your first interactive lesson in under five minutes.

Is Mimiostudio Notebook Free?

For 30-days, try MimioStudio for free. We provide our classroom software free of charge, so you can create your first interactive lesson in under five minutes with our collaboration and assessment software.

How Do I Connect My Mimio To My Computer?

In the upper left-hand corner of your whiteboard, press the mimio Xi. You will need to plug the other end of the USB cable into your PC USB port. The capture bar should be automatically detected by the PC and mimio Studio.

How Much Does Mimio Cost?


Mimio Teach Mimio Teach Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System








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What Is Mimio Studio?

Educators can create interactive whiteboard lessons, collaborate on collaborative activities, and conduct real-time formative assessments with MimioStudio software. See what the classroom can be like with our powerful software.

How Do I Use Mimio Studio Tools?

  • The Insert menu is at the top.
  • The file will be inserted when you select it.
  • You can select the file by going to where your Word document is saved.
  • You can watch it load into MimioStudio by clicking Open.
  • Watch can you download mimio software without disk Video