How Much Is The Cost To Update Snap On Software?

Customers can directly upgrade their tool software themselves with ShopStream Connect, a free Windows-based Snap-on software application.

What Software Does Snap-on Use?

Snap-on hand held diagnostic tools can now be enhanced with ShopStream Connect, a PC-based software solution. ShopStream Connect allows technicians to transfer, save, manage, review, annotate, e-mail, and print files saved or recorded on their Snap-on Diagnostic Tool.

Can Snap-on Modis Be Updated?

Symptoms. MODIS units from 2006 do not have a mini USB port, so they cannot be directly updated using ShopStream Connect. The CF program card (in the side slot) can be updated using a card reader or writer.

How Much Does A Snap-on Verus Cost?

US Pricing


$ 9

$ 467

SOLUS Legend / SOLUS Edge

$ 11

$ 549


$ 19

$ 975


$ 18

$ 900

Is Shopstream Connect Free?

You can manage your diagnostic records with ShopStream Connect, a complimentary tool management software. ShopStream Connect software can also be used to download service releases for customers who have recently upgraded to a new software version.

What Is Snap-on Intelligent Diagnostics?

Snap-on’s Triton-D8 diagnostic tool is designed to meet the needs of professional repair technicians. In this intuitive tool, technicians are guided straight through the diagnostic process, from identifying the problem to finding the solution.

What Can A Snap-on Modis Do?

Snap-on MODIS Ultra is a multi-function diagnostic tool that includes a fully integrated scan tool, a lab scope, vehicle-specific communication software, and expert information resources.

When Did The Snap-on Modis Come Out?

The Snap-on releases MODIS Edge on August 29, 2016 and Ratchet+Wrench on September 1, 2016.

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