How To Reset A Stolen Iphone Without Screen Whiping Software?

The result is even if a thief or third party obtains your iPhone, it remains tied to your Apple ID, and cannot be used for anything else. Even if you wipe your iPhone completely, it will still be locked down, so it is almost useless to anyone.

Can A Stolen Iphone Be Reset?

You can remotely reset your stolen iPhone by logging into your iCloud account that is linked to your iPhone and going to the “Find my iPhone” feature. If you have not enabled Find my iPhone on your phone yet, you can do so by checking the box.

How Do I Wipe My Stolen Iphone?

  • You can find your Apple ID at by logging into Apple’s iCloud.
  • You can find my iPhone by clicking on Find My iPhone.
  • The next window will let you choose the device you wish to erase from the list of all devices.
  • Click on Erase iPhone once you reach the device’s info window.
  • Enter your Apple ID password when prompted.
  • How Do I Reset My Iphone To Factory Settings Without Other Devices?

    You can erase all content and settings by going to Settings>General>Reset and tapping Erase All Content and Settings. If you were to go to the individual data areas on your phone and delete all the data on your iPad, you would only be able to erase it.

    Can A Stolen Iphone Be Factory Reset?

    It is imperative that you reset your iPhone if it has been stolen. If you do this, all the data on your phone will be erased, and the person with access to your phone will not be able to see anything on it. You can access your iPhone remotely using the iCloud’s web-based app, then wipe it off.

    How Do I Factory Reset My Iphone If The Screen Doesnt Work?

  • Sign up for an account at
  • “Find iPhone” is the first step.
  • To access your device, select the “All Devices” option at the top of the screen.
  • You can erase your iPhone by selecting “Erase iPhone”.
  • Can You Reset A Locked Lost Iphone?

    When you cannot remember your passcode when you try again, you must use a computer to restore your iPhone to its original state. As a result of this process, your data and settings are deleted, as well as your passcode, so you can set up your iPhone again. If you erase your iPhone, you can restore your data and settings from the backup.

    Is It Possible To Wipe A Stolen Iphone?

    Find My iPhone on iCloud allows you to erase lost or stolen items such as your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple Watch. com. You can sign in to Find My iPhone by going to the cloud. com/find.

    Can A Stolen Iphone Be Unlocked?

    The default setting for Apple’s iPhones and iPads is to encrypt the data. If a thief attempts to unlock your phone without your passcode, you will be locked out. Touch ID and Face ID are both acceptable methods of signing in, but a passcode is also required.

    How Do I Know If My Stolen Iphone Has Been Erased?

    You can find your iPhone by logging into your iCloud account and going to Find my iPhone. You will see the status of your phone when you click on the All Devices dropdown. It will not appear in the list if it has been erased (assuming it was the find my iPhone setting was enabled by you and not disabled by the thief).

    What Do Thieves Do With Stolen Iphones?

    The thieves who realize they can’t use the stolen iPhone will break it into several parts and sell them to shady repair shops or stores for a profit. In these types of stores, you need several parts of the iPhone, such as the screen, to fix someone else’s broken iPhone.

    Can You Unlock An Iphone That Has Been Reported Stolen?

    In the event that you cannot unlock your iPhone or simply do not want to deal with the hassle of unlocking it, you can still sell it. The amount of money you will receive from selling a locked iPhone is lower than that of an unlocked one, but you can still cash in without much difficulty using a blacklist removal service.

    How Do I Wipe My Iphone If Stolen?

  • The My Devices list can be viewed.
  • You can find your iPhone on a map by tapping or clicking it in the list. Find My iPhone locates your iPhone on a map.
  • The iPhone can be erased by tapping or clicking Erase iPhone…
  • You can erase the document by tapping or clicking Erase.
  • Tap or click Next after you enter your password.
  • You can enter your phone number by typing it in and selecting Next…
  • Tap or click Done once you’ve typed the message.
  • Can I Reset An Iphone I Found?

    Open the iTunes program on your desktop or laptop computer by connecting the iPhone found to the USB or lightning cable. Step 2. As a result, the device will be forced to reset and start up in a “Recovery Mode” – allowing you to wipe and reset the locked device using iTunes.

    What Happens When You Erase Iphone Stolen?

    When you erase an iPhone device in Find My iPhone, what happens?? Your Apple ID email address is being confirmed. The Activation Lock remains on to protect it from damage. It is necessary to reactivate the device with your Apple ID and password.

    Can A Wiped Iphone Be Traced?

    In this case, the IMEI of the device is used. If the owner of the device subscribed to such a service, and you purchased a phone stolen from them, as soon as you connected to the cellular network, they could potentially be notified of the theft. So Yes. There is technically a way around it.

    Can You Factory Reset An Iphone Without A Computer?

    In the end, it is not possible to perform a factory reset on an iPhone without a computer. It is possible to erase all content from a device if there is no computer available.

    Can Iphone Factory Reset Be Recovered?

    The iPhone factory reset cannot be directly recovered from data. It is fraud to claim that you can recover data directly from the iPhone after a factory reset. However, you can still recover them from your iTunes or iCloud backups.

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