How To Software Update 3ds?

Make sure you have the latest Nintendo 3DS system update installed. You can update your software from the HOME Menu. A text message will appear on the upper screen if an update is available. To update, click on Update or press Y.

How Do You Check For Updates On 3ds?

Open the System Settings menu by tapping the System Settings icon in the HOME Menu. On the upper screen, you will find the system’s menu version at the bottom right. On our System Menu Update History page, you can also learn more about the update process.

What Is The Latest Version Of 3ds Software?


Nintendo (IRD, SPD, SDD)

Working state


Source model

Closed source

Initial release

1.0.0-0 / February 26, 2011

Latest release

11.15.0-47 / July 26, 2021

How Do I Update My 3ds Software?

  • Go to the HOME Menu and open the System Settings.
  • SETTINGS OTHER THAN SETTINGS should be selected.
  • SYSTEM UPDATE can be found by scrolling to the right.
  • Is It Safe To Update 3ds 2021?

    The update is 100% safe, as per the latest version. It is recommended that you update Luma before updating your device to 11 if it is on an older version.

    Can You Update A 3ds In 2021?

    [Wed 28th Jul, 2021 02:00 BST]: Nintendo has released the official patch notes for the first system update for the 3DS in 2021. As expected, there are some minor adjustments to improve the overall experience as well as more “stability” improvements.

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