How To Update Light O Rama Software?

Select the firmware file you wish to send to the controller by pressing the “Open” button. You can open the firmware files by going to the “Firmware” subdirectory of your Light-O-Rama base directory. If you are updating the unit, choose the most recent firmware version.

How Do I Upgrade My Light O Rama Software?

The first step is to confirm your license key and associated email address: You can check your license at If you need to change the Sequence Editor/Sequencer, please visit the Help Menu. The second step is to confirm your current license level (Basic, Basic Plus, Standard, Advanced, Pro): Go to the software suite and check the program’s top left corner.

Is Light O Rama Good?

The Light-O-Rama software makes it easy to program and sequence to music or video (using Light-O-Rama’s software), and they are waterproof. There have never been any failures in my life. This is the best heavy duty light controller available. The company provides excellent product support.

How Do I Download Light O Rama?

  • The download button is above. Click it to get started.
  • You can select SAVE (RUN will work, but having a copy of the file is nice).
  • The file can be saved to a convenient location (such as your desktop).
  • You can allow a file transfer to proceed if your browser blocks it.
  • How Does The Light-o-rama Work?

    You can design your own shows with the Light-O-Rama ShowTime Sequencing Suite, which is available on your personal computer running Microsoft Windows. You can then run your shows and send the right commands to the various control channels using the Software Sequencing Suite.

    How Much Is A Light-o-rama?

    Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software Suite – Basic


    Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software Suite – Basic Plus


    Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software Suite – Standard


    Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software Suite – Advanced


    Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software Suite – Pro


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