How To Update The Software On My Voopoo Drag?

You can reset your daily puff number by pressing fire and down simultaneously. It locks the device (you cannot fire it or change its wattage when it is locked). When you press all three buttons simultaneously, you enter the clock interface (you must keep pressing fire for 2 seconds to exit).

How Do I Update My Voopoo Drag?

  • You need to download the Configuration software for Windows OS.
  • Windows OS is required for one computer.
  • Your computer should have configuration software installed.
  • You can upgrade your voopoo mods by downloading the firmware.
  • How Do You Reset A Voopoo Vinci?

    By pressing the fire button and the “-” button at the same time, you will see the number of puffs in a day displayed on the main interface, and it will be reset to zero the next day.

    Why Did My Drag Vape Stop Working?

    When you press the VOOPOO DRAG X, it does not fire because it is locked, which is the most common reason. By simply clicking the fire button five times, you can lock and unlock your device. In order to prevent the VOOPOO DRAG X from turning on accidentally when shipped, it is shipped in a locked position.

    Is Voopoo Drag A Good Mod?

    Overall, the VooPoo Drag is an impressive mode. There are many reasons why it is so great, from how well it’s constructed to the quality of the materials used, to its various features and its computer app, to how responsive the fire button is. There is nothing better than that.

    How Do You Reset A Vape?

    If you want to reset the tank, you can remove it from the mod, check the screws are tight, and press the fire button to reset it. Once your tank has been re-attached, select “n” when asked if it is new.

    How Do I Fix My Voopoo Vape?

  • If the 510 connectors are not fixed, try sticking a pin in them to see if it can be done.
  • If your mod does not work, try other tanks or coils with your mod and see if they work. Please confirm whether the problem is in the tank or the mod by trying the same tank.
  • Please upgrade the firmware if the mod is not working.
  • Watch how to update the software on my voopoo drag Video