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how much does a information security engineer 1 make in seattle washington?

Depending on the level, a Security Engineer’s salary in Seattle is typically around $147,000 annually. Adding $53,064 to the salary of a Security Engineer in Seattle is the average additional cash compensation. According to the BLS, a Security Engineer’s average salary was $200,476 in Seattle in 2014.

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How much do information security engineers make?

Information Security Engineers: How much do they on Security Engineer make in the United States? A typical Information Security Engineer salary range in the United States ranges from $123,462 to $151,211 as of September 27, 2021.

What is a good salary in Seattle?

$72,092 in income is needed.

What is a good starting salary in Seattle?

Annual SalaryMonthly PayTop Earners$48,852$4,07175th Percentile$43,424$3,618Average$33,772$2,81425th Percentile$26,054$2,171

Are security engineers paid well?

The pay scale for all cybersecurity engineers is good, but there are various branches of cybersecurity with higher salaries. It has been proven that some jobs can pay over $200,000. This is according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

How much do entry level cyber security jobs pay?

According to Payscale, an early career in cybersecurity usually starts off at $75,796 per year, and increases up to $108,090 as a person gains experience and a profile.

What is the salary of Information Security Engineer?

It is estimated that a network security engineer earns between INR 4 lakhs and 8 lakhs yearly.

Do security engineers make a lot of money?

Applicants with this specialty can earn up to $200,000 with salaries ranging from around $135,000 to $205,000. The salary of a Network Security Engineer typically ranges from $120,000 to $185,000 per year. Those with the most experience need to take care of network security.

How much do security engineers make an hour?

Annual SalaryHourly WageTop Earners$138,519$6775th Percentile$122,070$59Average$102,280$4925th Percentile$83,111$40

Is 100 000 a good salary in Seattle?

It says a $100,000 salary might be considered wealthy in some places, but Bellevue and Seattle aren't one of them. As a result of a study, those earning $100,000 a year in Seattle will, at the end of the year, have just over $24,000 less than they did one year ago.

Is 90k a good salary in Seattle?

Seattle has a median income of $95,000, and this is below the average. That's "extremely high" according to your outdated perceptions, so you'd better put them away. It's hard to find a city with better public transportation than Seattle.

What is a good salary for Seattle Washington?

$72,092 in income is needed. The price of necessities is $36,046 with 50 percent. Twenty-one thousand six hundred twenty dollars for discretionary spending.

What is a good entry level starting salary?

StateAnnual SalaryHourly WageSouth Carolina$33,388$16.05New Hampshire$33,159$15.94Delaware$32,935$15.83California$32,086$15.43

How much do first year residents make in Seattle?

I would like to know what a Medical Resident makes in Seattle, WA. Based on July 20, 2021 figures, the average Medical Resident salary in Seattle, WA is $65,941. The typical salary range lies between $52,692 and $65,149.

What is a good salary in Seattle 2021?

The average salary in the U.S. Occupational statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that workers in Seattle earned $32 per hour on average. In May 2019, the national average was 91, which was about 28% higher than in April. The Payscale site was last updated in March 2021. Seattleites earn an average salary of $81,000 per year, according to com.

Do cyber security engineers make good money?

Currently, ZipRecruiter is seeing Cyber Security Engineer salaries ranging from $185,000 to $53,000. The majority of Cyber Security Engineer salaries fall between $96,000 and $141,000 in the 75th percentile, with the highest earning individuals earning $160,000.

How much do cyber security engineers get paid?

As per the website ZipRecruiter, cybersecurity engineers earn an average annual salary between $120,000 and $133,000 on average.

What is the highest paid security job?

A chief information security officer may... Architect in charge of information security. You are now in the risk manager. Penetration tester for systems, networks, and the web. An engineer who specializes in network security... As an administrator of security for the network, you... An investigator of cyber crime... Analyst specializing in information security.

Do engineers get paid well?

Salaries for engineers are growing at a 3% annual rate, with the average salary standing at $104,347. A salary increase of 7% in systems engineering is leading the way, while $133,264 is the highest salary for management professionals.