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how to get someone’s personal information and social security number?

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How can I find someone else's Social Security number?

There are many guards for the Social Security number, but on the other hand, it is possible to look up a person's number. A copy of the birth certificate must be used for the exact name. Find an individual's number in the Social Security Death Index by searching for their name.

How do I find out my husband's Social Security number?

What can I do to n I get it? It is best to contact the Social Security office in your area for assistance. The Social Security Administration recommends bringing an ID that is not expired, your birth certificate, your marriage certificate, as well as proof of the end of the marriage, whether it be through divorce or death.

Is it illegal to find someone's Social Security number?

If you possess that information, you are not involved in a crime; if you possess it to commit a fraud, identity theft, etc. you are.

Is a Social Security number public information?

Unlike other states, California does not allow citizens to display their social security numbers publicly. Public display of Social Security numbers is prohibited in California. It is illegal to do the following. If it is not required by law or the document is a form or an application, the SSNs should not be printed on documents mailed to customers.

How can I get someone's social?

Make sure that you are motivated. Get in touch. Listen to what you hear. Thank people for their efforts. Become a volunteer. Take care of your guests. Take a call. Engage strangers in conversation.

How do I file my taxes without my spouse's Social Security number?

For taxpayers without a SSN, an ITIN must be obtained if a U.S. tax return is being filed. Generally, you are either a spouse or dependent if you file a tax return. To obtain an individual taxpayer identification number, the taxpayers must complete Form W-7, Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, and provide documentation of their foreign status and accurate identities.

Should you know your spouses Social Security number?

When an ex-spouse has died, many women receive a higher benefit due to their ex-spouse's work. The Social Security number of your spouse will need to be provided when you apply. You will need to provide your spouse's date and place of birth, as well as information regarding their parents, if you are not sure of the spouse's number.