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how to sustain information security program?

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Why do you need build a sustainable information security?

Cyber security plans must be able to protect both organizations and individuals from cyber attacks, providing early detection of risks before they become breaches, and providing the authority to take action when a breach occurs - a sustainable level of cyber security.

What is an Infosec program?

The purpose of an information security program is to support the organization's information technology infrastructure by executing various activities, projects, and initiatives. Furthermore, many organizations use these initiatives to meet their respective benchmarks and achieve all related business objectives.

How are information security programs implemented?

You should identify the assets you have and the threats they face. To identify and prioritize risks, you need to identify them. Apply foundational controls to secure your organization's information. Create an information security program that is robust. Identify security improvements that should be made.

What should be included in an information security program?

First, describe what the policy is for. It might be to:... I am speaking to the audience. We have a set of objectives for information security. ... a policy of authority & access control... This is a classification of data... Services and operations related to data. Be aware and act responsibly when it comes to security... A list of the rights, responsibilities, and duties of each member of the staff.