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in information security what is a choke point?

Choke points serve as a single point of entry and exit for all network traffic. All traffic must pass through a choke point, so monitoring and control efforts, such as Internet firewalls, are well placed there. Often criticized as a fix-all, it can be hard to take all of the eggs out of one basket.

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What is considered a choke point?

Choke points (or chokepoints) in military strategy are geographical features on land such as a valley, defile or bridge, or maritime passages that military forces pass through in order to reach their objectives over substantially narrow expanses.

Are choke points good or bad?

When attackers reach a choke point, they are forced to use a narrow channel which can be monitored and controlled. When an attacker can successfully bypass a choke point, it does no good.

What is an example of a choke point?

At Thermopylae, a battle raged. It is thought that the Thermopylae Pass is the most famous example of a choke point, or a geographical feature across which an armed force is forced to pass, while at the same time losing their numerical advantage.

What is the difference between checkpoint and choke point?

When used as nouns, checkpoint and chokepoint are used to refer to places where a check is performed, specifically along a roadway or border where travellers are stopped for inspection, and chokepoint is a point where heavy traffic may be encountered.

What is the definition choke point?

It provides passage through or from another region by being narrow and strategic.

What are choke points in shipping?

Numerous vessels use these chokepoints, also called chokewaters, but some of them are risky. Chutes are passageways that connect large areas at strategic, narrow points. In most cases, these are straits or canals through which a great deal of traffic passes.

Is the English Channel a choke point?

Apart from the Persian Gulf, the Turkish Straits and British concerns like the English Channel, Fisher identified four other natural choke points: the Strait of Gibraltar at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Malacca in South Asia.

What is a choke point in human geography?

Chutepoints refer to strategic straits and canals that can be blocked or closed by military forces (often to prevent oil traffic). As a common territory, Gibraltar is an area of international law that all nations are entitled to pass through.

What are choke points used for?

When an army without the advantage of numbers cannot counter an army with a large number of soldiers, a choke point allows it to attack and defeat them.

Why are choke points important to the global economy?

Choke points can be utilized by a numerically inferior defending force to thwart or ambush a more dominant opponent, since the advancing force must at least secure passage through the choke point in order to advance.

Is the Panama Canal a choke point?

In the U.S. It identifies six straits and canals as oil transit chokepoints: the chokepoints: Strait of Hormuz, Strait of Malacca, Suez Canal, Bosporus, Bab el-Mandab, and the Panama Canal.

Is the Suez Canal a choke point?

Reports from the Associated Press noted that the ship was causing traffic delays to other vessels and cost billions a day as it impeded travel. As a choke point, the Suez Canal is also known as the Suez Crisis, which occurred on May 18, 2002, when the Suez Canal was completely closed.

What is another word for choke point?

straitdifficultydemandcomessindecisionmomentpointposertight squeezeconstraint

What is a choke point economics?

It represents the exact point of no demand, so it is an important indicator of how buyers and sellers behave in relation to that product's dynamics. Choke prices are used frequently in supply-demand analysis by financial analysts.