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what information do i need to get my husbands social security benefits?

We will ask you aboutYour name, gender, and Social Security number; Your first name (if different); Your date of birth and place of birth (state or foreign country); Whether a public or religious record of your birth was made before you turned 5; Your citizenship status; and more.

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What are the requirements for receiving your spouse's Social Security?

As a spouse, you must meet the following criteria: You must be at least 62 years old. You must be caring for a child that is younger than 16 or disabled so your spouse will be entitled to receive payments.

How long does it take Social Security to approve spousal benefits?

Your application will typically be processed within six weeks and the benefits will begin within eleven weeks.

Can I get my husband's Social Security check?

In some cases, the spousal benefit can be up to half the primary insurance amount if the spouse is at least age 50 when they retire. Early retirement will result in a reduced pension for the spouse who begins receiving benefits before he or she reaches the normal retirement age.

Is it better to apply for Social Security online or in person?

Nowadays, the majority of claims are processed online. The process of applying for benefits does not require you to visit a local office. Go to www for more information. This is SSA. To file a claim for retirement, spousal benefits or Medicare, go to www.medicare.gov and click on "retirement". According to other experts, social security applications should be submitted online.

Can I collect from my husband's Social Security?

No matter if you worked or not, you can collect benefits from the work record of your spouse. In some cases, Social Security can pay you a higher amount if your own retirement benefit is lower than your spousal.

How do I find out my ex husband's Social Security benefits?

You can make an appointment with a representative by calling 800-772-1213, or you can go to your local Social Security office to learn about the possible benefits for divorcees depending on the earnings record of your former spouse.

How much does a wife get of her husband's Social Security?

As much as 50% of your spouse's Social Security benefit may be received by you. A year of marriage is required in order to qualify for benefits. The rules are the same if you are divorced for at least two years and the marriage lasted ten years or more.

Can I collect my spouse's Social Security instead of my own?

It's technically possible to receive both your own retirement payment as well as spousal benefits. When calculating benefits for two different types of employees, Social Security does not do a combination; instead, it compares one benefit to another. In the event of a higher retirement benefit, you will receive it.

When can a widow collect her husband's Social Security?

If you are blind or disabled you are not eligible for benefits. You can receive reduced benefits as early as 60 years old. At 62, those who qualify for their own retirement benefits can elect to switch to their own benefits.

Will Social Security back pay spousal benefits?

Those who married someone who paid into the Social Security system, even if their spouse never paid into it themselves, are eligible to receive spousal benefits. They may receive retroactive benefits in the form of lump sums if they wait until they are over their full retirement age before applying.

Can a disabled wife get her husband's Social Security?

In short, yes. You can draw Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits for your spouse if you were married for at least one continuous year and he or she was either younger than 16 years of age or disabled and was raising a child of yours.

How long does Social Security Approval take?

It can take approximately six weeks for your Social Security application to be processed and for your benefits to start depending on how accurate your application is and how many applications are presently in process.

How can a wife collect on husband's Social Security?

If you are the spouse of someone who is eligible for Social Security benefits, you can claim a benefit based on your own earnings, or you can claim a spouse benefit based on 50% of your spouse's benefit, but not both benefits. In addition, if you earn more than your spouse, your spouse is eligible to apply for spousal benefits based on your work history.

How much of my husbands SS am I entitled to?

As much as 50% of your spouse's Social Security benefit may be received by you. A year of marriage is required in order to qualify for benefits. The rules are the same if you are divorced for at least two years and the marriage lasted ten years or more. The amount of benefits payable can decrease if you start early.

At what age can I collect on my husband's Social Security?

As far as age is concerned, a widow or widower has to turn 60 before they can begin receiving Social Security survivors benefits. If you are in your late 60's or early 70's, young widows or widowers can apply for widow or widower benefits.

Do married couples get two Social Security checks?

Your spouse can collect Social Security benefits at the same time as you, but his or her earnings may affect your total Social Security earnings. Depending on the earnings record of your husband or wife, you may be eligible for these Social Security benefits.

What is the fastest way to apply for Social Security?

You can either go online or offline. To get Social Security benefits, call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) or visit your local Social Security office.... To find out where your nearest Social Security office is located, or get hold of a U.S. Embassy or Consulate, if you do not live in the U.S. or one of its territories.

Is it hard to file for Social Security Online?

There has never been a simpler way to apply for Social Security retirement benefits. To access the website, click here. Assuring social security. It's simple to retire online with the gov. With the application you can use a retirement estimator to determine how much you will receive when you retire based on your age and when you stop working.

Is it better to apply for SSDI online or in person?

What's Better for Disability Applications, Online or In etter to Apply for Disability Online or in Person? In person applications for disability benefits are advantageous because you can work with a representative at your local field office in order to minimize the chances of you making mistakes when the information is compiled.

How long does it take to start receiving Social Security benefits after applying?

The process of processing your application and the time it takes for benefits to begin takes 6 weeks on average. However, submitting incorrect information can extend this time by up to 6 months. It will also depend on the number of submissions the Social Security Administration (SSA) is processing at a given time as to how long it takes to process your application.