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what information does social security need for disability?

Must Provide A birth certificate or a copy of another type of proof of your age. You must provide proof of your identity. Unless you were born in the United States, you must be citizens or have lawful immigration status. If you served in the armed forces before 1968, your discharge papers. For the last year, provide W-2 forms and/or self-employment tax returns.

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What questions do they ask for Social Security disability?

Your illness will be evaluated to determine if SSA believes things will get better. In addition to asking about your ability to take care of yourself, caregivers may also test your ability to carry out daily tasks, such as cooking, shopping, and cleaning, as well as your ability to sit, walk, or stand for an extended period of time or lift heavy objects.

What do they look for when applying for disability?

The criteria we use to determine your disability are your medical conditions, age, educational level, past work experience, and any transferrable skills you have. If you are unable to do other work, your application will be denied. Our decision will be that you do not qualify for disability benefits if you are capable of doing other work.

What are social security standards for disability?

Disability is defined by federal law as any medically determinable physical or mental impairment that can bring about death or lasts for 12 consecutive months or longer with the potential to do so.

What conditions automatically qualify you for disability?

Disorders of the mood. The condition schizophrenia. Traumatic stress disorder. Usually, auto-immune diseases are associated with autism. There is depression.

What do you say in a Social Security disability interview?

Give them a detailed description of what they have just seen. Write your own statement and ask your family member or former colleague to join you. In order to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits, you need to make your situation crystal clear to the SSA, so that there is no doubt about your ability to live with a disabling condition.

How do you answer Social Security disability Questions?

What are your thoughts on this question?... Be sure not to ramble or stray from the topic. Give a Detailed Description of Your Symptoms and Limitations... Your medical history should be explained if you have any gaps. You should be prepared to explain "bad" facts... Imagine what your daily life is like in a picture... You don't need to be embarrassed.

What should you not tell a disability doctor?

Don't say anything other than what you need and what you want. feel you're at the end of your life, that you're not trusting doctors, or that you're not happy with your current treatment.

Who qualifies for disability?

You must be at least 18 years old. Affect your own Social Security record but don't receive benefits. A medical condition that will last for at least 12 months or result in death, which makes it impossible for them to work.

What is the fastest way to get approved for disability?

You meet the "Compassionate Allowances" criteria. Make sure appeals are filed as quickly as possible... Tell me "there is a dire need."... I request that a decision be made "on the record".... I invite you to launch a Congressional inquiry... You can hire an attorney who specializes in Disability Law.