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what information is accessed for security clearance investigation?

Aside from criminal records and drug use, this application asks for information about financial delinquency, mental health treatment, alcohol-related incidents and counseling, service in the military, clearances and investigations prior to the application, civil court actions, and misuse of computer systems.

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What do security clearance investigators have access to?

Each applicant will be subjected to a credit check and criminal background check. To obtain a Top Secret security clearance, additional record checks are carried out which, along with the background investigation, verify the applicant's citizenship, his, her, or their family members' education, employment, and military records.

What do they ask references for security clearance?

You may be employed by your current employer or a former employer. People who are familiar with you from your civic/community involvement... Professor, teacher, or instructor who is currently teaching or who has recently retired. Many years of friendship with a dear friend.

What would disqualify you from a security clearance?

There are certain conditions that may raise concerns about security, and they may disqualify someone: Failure to meet financial obligations. Gambling, drugs, alcoholism, or other concerns that pose a threat to security can cause financial problems.

What is required for security clearance?

Agents need to interview candidates with any joint living or working experience within the last seven years for secret clearances in national security positions. Confidential, secret, top-secret, and sensitive information is contained within these compartments.

Do security clearances check Internet history?

Investigators conducting security clearance background checks do not look through your browser history, read your emails, spy on you, bug your phone, or photograph you on your commute.

What do security clearance Investigators ask references?

In your references, you will want to find someone who has observed your work ethic directly and over a long period of time, if possible. A strong reference can also speak to your best character qualities, such as reliability, honesty, and tenacity.

Who has access to sf86?

Thus, the answer to "Which person can view my SF-86?" is anyone who has access. In this context, members of the investigation team and their support staff are included.

What questions do they ask references for security clearance?

If he has history of arrest, mental and emotional problems, foreign contacts, foreign travel, drinking alcohol and at what level, any medication use, financial issues, military conduct issues, misuse of information and technology (hacking), and connections to any of these will all be considered.

Do you need references for security clearance?

In most cases, references are not contacted for a Secret security clearance, but they may be contacted in specific cases to verify issues. If an investigator needs to clarify something about your background, it's less likely you'll need to undergo a subject interview.

Do friends get interviewed for security clearance?

Your house might be searched by an investigator. A military investigator interviewed me since I was listed as someone who was closely associated with a soldier applying for a Top Secret clearance. It is possible to interview friends.

Can you tell people your security clearance?

Since you do not need a security clearance to tell someone you have one, there's no need for you to keep the information confidential. Applicants with clearances are encouraged to list this information on their resume by the State Department and other government agencies.

Can security clearance be denied?

In the event that you do not comply with security regulations, the government may deny or revoke your clearance because those factors cast doubt on your honesty, willingness, and ability to safeguard classified data.

What fails a security clearance?

Incomplete information in application packages is a common reason for rejection, e.g., no application, but preliminary information, etc. The company submitting the investigation request as an employer cannot be included in the investigation, spouse or cohabitant's social security numbers are missing, fingerprint cards, family members are not included, etc.

Can you get a security clearance with a criminal record?

Your criminal record means you will not be able to obtain a security clearance for your job. It might be discrimination, however, if you have been refused a job due to your criminal record, and if you do not believe it affects your ability to perform the job.

What are the requirements for a security clearance?

Misuse ignificant; Inadvertent or unintentional conduct; ; Media did not need to be introduced or removed. It ated event;

What would disqualify you from a security clearance?

A criminal conviction that results in a year or more of prison time, dishonorable discharge, or "criminal incompetence" are some of the examples.

What is checked for security clearance?

Referrals from former employers, coworkers, friends, neighbors, landlords, and schools along with credit, tax, and police records a re typically reviewed by the FBI as part of the clearance process. According to how secure the position needs to be, the scope of the background investigation varies.