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where can you locate the contact information for baylor’s privacy and security officers?

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How do I contact Baylor University?

Please contact Baylor University at (254) 710-3435 or 1-800-BAYLOR-U, option 1-1. (254) 710-3436, fax. Our office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST) from Monday through Friday.

What is the phone number to reach Baylor security?

For international inquiries, please call the baylor University Global Safety and Security Hotline at 1-603-228-1748, and for US and Canadian inquiries, please contact 1-855-521-6722.

What is Baylor University email address?

can reach Undergraduate Admissions by calling (254) 710-3435 or sending an email to [email protected] In higher education.

What is the name of the admissions building at Baylor University?

The Wiethorn Undergraduate Admissions Center is located on the Baylor University's campus map.

How do I send letters of recommendation to Baylor?

INTERNAL TEXT TRANSCRIPTS: If you are submitting an unofficial transcript, please upload a scanned copy to your Baylor account or send it to admissi[email protected] Please attach the document to the edu address.

Is Baylor snobby?

It is typical to see Baylor students portrayed in stereotypical terms as snobbling and rich. Students at Baylor are often stereotyped as rich, smug, and stuck-up types. Baylor University is expensive, but if you're smart and have money, you'll be able to attend.

How do I access my Baylor email?

In addition, you can access your Baylor email account at http://portal by providing your Baylor email address and password. This site.

How do I create a Baylor email?

Start by going http://www. The Baylor University. You will see the following screen after you open bearid.edu/bearid: Enter your BearID, then click Submit. If your last name ends in a number, your BearID may include that number. In step two, verify your identity by clicking the Next button and selecting the first option (which is selected by default).

What application website does Baylor use?

Dates and options for submission of applications. Please be sure you know what application your student has submitted and what the deadline is for the application to be considered. In addition to Baylor's application through its goBAYLOR account, ASTC and ApplyTexas are also accepted.

What GPA do you need to get into Baylor?

3 points on the grading scale. Having achieved above average class marks in high school is a requirement of Baylor. The ideal mix will be as many As as Bs, with more As than Bs. If your GPA is low, you can compensate for it with harder classes, such as AP or IB.

What is the average GPA of the applicants who are accepted at Baylor University?

Among the admitted freshman class at Baylor University, an average GPA of 3 was achieved in high school. Four out of four is 74. In the end, the majority of successful applicants are A- students. According to the Texas Education Agency, the school has the fifth highest average GPA in the state.