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which agency regulates sensitive security information?

Sensitive Security Information (SSI) is information that is associated with a particular class or category of Homeland Security (DHS). The Management Directive (MD) describes DHS policy regarding identification, identification and safeguarding of SSSI.

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Which government agency has the authority to designate information as SSI?

In accordance with 49 C, the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary for Transportation Security, as well as the Director of TSA's SSI Office may designate information as SSI.

What are examples of sensitive security information?

Programmes and plans for emergency situations related to security. Directives pertaining to security. A circular is an informational document. This is the performance specification. An assessment of vulnerabilities. Information obtained as part of a security inspection. Information about a threat. Measures to ensure security.

What is considered sensitive security information?

The State Department defines sensitive security information (SSI) as information whose public disclosure, within the requirements of the 49 C regulation, would be detrimental to transportation security. You can send the password in an email or over the phone without revealing any identifying information.

What are the consequences for unauthorized disclosure of sensitive security information SSI?

An overview of the consequences of unauthorized disclosures of social security numbers. The DOT can impose civil penalties and other enforcement measures, as well as disciplinary actions against Federal employees who violate this part.

Who can sensitive security information be shared with?

Furthermore, 49 CFR 1520 requires that this be done. SSI must be made available to members of Congress, their staffs, DHS or TSA management, the Comptroller General (GAO), the TSA Office of Internal Affairs and Program Review, the DHS Inspector General, and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) offices.

When working off site what are best means of protecting sensitive security information?

Keeping sensitive PII contained in electronic documents within the DHS network and properly securing hard copies taken away from the DHS work environment will ensure its security.

Who controls SSI?

United States Social Security Administration (SSA) is an independent federal agency that issues social security benefits. This is the program administered by the federal government which comprises a retirement, disability insurance, and survivor insurance program.

Who has the final authority regarding SSI?

It is the Social Security Administration (SSA) that administers benefits under SSI and SSP. It is the Social Security Administration that determines eligibility for these two programs.

What federal agency runs Social Security?

Assigning Social Security numbers and administering the retirement, survivors, and disability insurance programs are all functions of the Social Security Administration. Supplemental Security Income program for the aged, blind, and disabled is also administered by them.

Who created the SSI program?

Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the National Security Act on June 8, 1934. President Roosevelt announced, in a message to Congress, that Social Security would be a national program. A committee on economic security of five top cabinet officials was created by a subsequent Executive Order by the president.

Who can sensitive security information be shared with?

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Is SSI a security clearance?

As SSI is not classified as Top Secret, Secret or Confidential, it is not classified as national security information. In general, Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) parts 15 and 1520 regulate the safeguarding and sharing of personally identifiable information.

What is TSA mean?

The Transportation Security Administration is formally known as TSA.

Which of the following is an example of sensitive security information SSI?

Security measures in SSI include, for example, airport and aircraft operator security programs, information about perimeter and access control measures in aviation, maritime, or rail transportation, methods of screening passengers and examining their luggage, as well as the results of any vulnerability assessments.