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why is alice and bob is used in information security classes?

To understand how RSA encryption works, Alice and Bob are used as fictitious characters, with the thought that using names instead of letters such as A and B will help students gain a deeper understanding.

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Why Alice and Bob are used in cryptography?

"A Method for Obtaining Digital Signatures and Public-Key Cryptosystems" used Alice and Bob to show how to get digital signatures and public-key cryptography in an easy-to-follow paper. In designing the names, we hoped to provide people with a visual representation of how two entities could exchange information over an electronic medium.

How do Bob and Alice agree on key value?

In order to secure their agreement on an ephemeral (short-lived) session key, Alice and Bob use a key exchange algorithm such as Diffie-Hellman-Merkle. These keys were used for authentication purposes only in step 1.

What key does Alice use to encrypt to Bob?

Alice's public key is used to encrypt Bob's message once it has been sent to her. When Alice decrypts the message, she makes use of her privately stored private key.

Who is Alice Bob and Trudy?

Rather than being members of the British Naval Intelligence, they had done pioneering work in the area of secure communications that later became common. As a result, cryptography came into being.

What key does Alice use to encrypt to Bob?

The only key Alice has is a public key, so she keeps her private key in a safe place while sending Bob her public key. Alice's public key is used by Bob to encrypt the secret message. With her private key, Alice will be able to decrypt the message.

How do you use Alice and Bob?

With the help of a friend, Alice purchases a lockbox that is secured with a padlock. Her friend Bob's padlock secures it, and she mails it to him. It is known to her that the mailman cannot read the message as his padlock keeps him from opening it. The lockbox is opened by Bob once he receives it, allowing him to read the note.

When Alice sends Bob a message using asymmetric encryption What key is used to provide integrity of the message when encrypting the hash?

keys: an open key that everyone can see, and a private key that he can read only. In this example, Alice sends Bob a message, and Bob encrypts it with Bob's public key. As soon as Bob receives the message he decrypts it with the only Private Key that he knows. An asymmetric encryption process like this is used.

How do you decode Alice and Bob?

Having received Bob's 383 number, Alice needs to decrypt it in order to find out the year he was born. To decrypt Bob's message, her first step is to use the secret prime numbers p and q along with the public number e.

What key would Bob use to verify the signature?

A letter from Alice to Bob contains Bob's signature. Robert decrypts the document with Alice's public key, allowing the signature to be verified.

What key will Bob use to encrypt the message?

As an alternative, instead of directly encrypting the message with Alice's public key, Bob uses Alice's public key to encrypt the symmetric secret key. By sending a symmetric key encrypted in this way, Bob can send a secret key to Alice that can then be retrieved using Alice's private key.