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an administrator wants to use a network security auditing tool on a switch to verify which ports?

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Why would an administrator use a network security auditing tool?

Performing a security audit will reveal the type of sensitive information an attacker can collect simply by monitoring the network. Administrators can flood the MAC address table with fictitious MAC addresses with the help of network security auditing tools, for example.

What is the main purpose of switch port security?

The Port Security utility prevents unknown devices from forwarding packets over the network. In the event that a link goes down, all dynamically locked addresses will be unlocked. There are several benefits to using port security.

On which interface on a switch can port security be configured?

It is essential that your switch interface is a L2 because port security is configured on access interfaces. Switchport can be used to create an access interface from a L3 switch.

Which of the following is a solution to the MAC address flooding switch attack?

MAC flood attack can be prevented by port security. Switches will allow you to select this feature. There is a limitation on the possible number of addresses to learn through the MAC table, and it restricts the port.

What are the network security audit tools?

Try out SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager for FREE by clicking this link. The N-able RMM is available for free trial... You can find Nmap on the Internet. A free version of OpenVAS is available here... You can use this vulnerability manager by ManageEngine. Cyber-attacks are facilitated by Metasploit... This is what Netwrix Auditor looks like. This is Kaseya Virtual Security Agency.

What is the purpose of configuring port security in Cisco switches?

You can restrict the number of MAC addresses on an open port by setting up a port security policy, thus preventing unauthorized MAC addresses from accessing it. In addition, you can specify the maximum number of secure MAC addresses which can be accessed on a given port (as well as the maximum number of secure VLAN addresses that can be accessed).

What is switch port security and violations?

It is possible to have only one valid MAC address on a port due to switch port security. In the event that the maximum number of secure MAC addresses has been reached, any device with a different MAC address trying to connect to that port will be considered a security violation.

Why is port security enabled on switch trunk ports?

In trunk port security, it limits the allowed MAC addresses or the maximum number of MAC addresses per VLAN on the port. The feature enables service providers to block the access of stations with MAC addresses outside of those specified for a particular VLAN.

What do you understand by the term port security?

Security in the ports and maritime domain is defined as defense, law enforcement, and counterterrorism activities. A seaport's protection, inspecting and protecting cargo passing through the port, and maritime security are part of seaport protection.

In what way does the port security can be configured?

There are three types of ports that are not supported by the port security feature. Security works on host ports. Therefore, in order to configure port security you have to set it to host port. Fortunately, that can easily be done by running switchport mode access.

How do I enable port security on a Cisco switch?

By entering the switchport port-security mac-address sticky command, sticky port security is enabled. When you enter this command, the interface converts all static and dynamic secure MAC addresses to sticky secure MAC addresses, including those that did not have sticky learning enabled before sticky learning was enabled.

What is port security in switching?

The Port Security utility prevents unknown devices from forwarding packets over the network. A packet with an MAC address matching the one forwarded is secure; all other packets are unsecure. The security of individual ports can be enabled.

What is a MAC address flooding attack?

An attacker engages in MAC flooding when he sends an attacker-sourced bunch of Ethernet frames to a switch, each containing a different source MAC address. In order to store the MAC address table in the switch, memory will be consumed from the limited amount allocated. In addition to MAC flooding, VLAN hopping can also be performed through it.

What is a MAC table attack?

This type of network attack involves flooding an open switch port with Ethernet frames of the attacker's fake MAC address resulting in flooding the interface with thousands of Ethernet frames at once. It's only possible to use a small amount of memory to store the switch's MAC address table.

What method you will use from following to prevent the CAM table flood attack?

Most switches have some kind of feature that effectively prevents CAM table poisoning. Many advanced switches can be configured to limit the number of MAC addresses that can be learnt on ports that are connected to a server or end station that utilizes "port security," as it is called by vendors.