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how can i test my home network security?

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How do I test my Wi-Fi Security?

Select Manage known networks from the menu. You will need to click on the current WiFi network in order to see its properties. You have network protection if you see WEP or WPA2 next to Security type.

How can I test if my firewall is working?

Select Control Panel from the Start menu, and then click it. You will now see the Windows Firewall window after you type Firewall in the search box. Click the Windows Firewall applet to open it.

How do I scan my home network for vulnerabilities?

The Bitdefender Home Scanner is a free tool that searches your Wi-Fi network, maps devices, and identifies and highlights security risks. Scanners monitoring by Bitdefender Home Scanner look for weak passwords, communications with low encryption levels, and vulnerabilities.

How do I know if my connection is secure?

To find out whether a website has an encrypted connection, look at the address bar at the top of your web browser (the software you use to view websites). It's a good thing to know that more than 60% of web traffic now has a trusted certificate. So it is possible to browse the web while encrypted.