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how can network security be a weakness?

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Is a weakness in the security system?

An attack or intrusion is the act of crossing the boundary of a privilege, or creating some sort of vulnerability, impacting the system. A computer system can be used by unauthorized individuals to carry out actions. It is common for security risks to be incorrectly categorized as vulnerabilities.

What is an example of a network weakness?

The network is vulnerable to vulnerabilities. Generally, these problems exist with network hardware or software that may allow an outside party to enter the network. Wi-Fi access points that are not secured and firewalls that are not configured properly are examples.

What are the 5 reasons to network security problems?

The first problem is that the network contains unknown assets. A second problem is abuse of the user account privileges. Vulnerabilities that have not been patched in cybersecurity. There is a lack of defense in depth in problem #4... The number five problem is inadequate IT security management.