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how do i beef network security?

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What is BeEF in cyber security?

Known as BEEF, the Browser Exploitation Framework focuses on exploiting browser vulnerabilities. Pentesting for the web browser is one of its key responsibilities. From within the browser context, BeEF will hook one or more web browsers and use them as launching pads to launch directed command modules and other attacks.

Can BeEF be used by hackers?

A system can be strengthened against cyberattack by using BEEF, which is an incredibly powerful tool. With BeEF, any spyware module can be delivered, and even the mouse movement of the target computer can be tracked.

What is a hooked browser?

To be successful with BeEF, it's important to take advantage of browser hooks. A web application with a vulnerability needs to be visited by the victim. As a result of this injection, the "hooked" browser responds to commands from BeEF. A number of malicious activities can be performed on a victim's computer from there.