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how many students are in bachelor degree it network security program palm beach state college?

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How many students are at PBSC?

In its humble beginnings in 1933, Palm Beach State College housed 41 students next to Palm Beach High School and has grown into one of Palm Beach County's largest higher education institutions. With more than 49,000 students enrolled annually, the College has five campuses and offers online classes, as well.

What percentage of students graduate in Palm Beach State College?

36 in total. Fewer than 2% of Palm Beach State College graduates complete their degrees within six years. Ten thousand and four-hundred seventy-seven students from Palm Beach State College received bachelors degrees in 2015. They were 36 by the time they completed their degree six years after starting. In total, 2% of these students graduated from college.

Can you get your bachelors at Palm Beach State College?

The bachelor's degree, while it doesn't guarantee a higher income or better career opportunities, can open up many career choices. At Palm Beach State College, you can earn your degree. Bachelor's degree programs are only open to those who already hold an associate degree or 60 college credits equivalent.

What is Palm Beach State College known for?

The university offers more than 30 program options. Your success is the responsibility of our outstanding faculty. Availability on the weekends, during the evenings, and during the day. State with the lowest tuition rate. The campuses are close to each other. The class size is small, so there is one-on-one time with each student. You can earn a bachelor's degree, an associate's degree, or a certificate.

What is workday Pbsc?

Using Workday Student, you can manage all aspects of a student's life, including recruitment, admissions, registration, financial aid, academic advising, student records, curriculum management and student finances. There will be progressively more functionality added to the Workday module as we go forward.

How do I access my Pbsc email?

My email cannot be accessed. Outlook is a good choice. For Workday, use the PBSC student email address or the Live.com address.

What percentage of students receives financial aid at Palm Beach State College?

The cost of an PBSC education is approximately $50,000 per year. The federal government provides maximum Pell grants (as of 2018). The average Pell Grant awarded in 2016/17 was $3,226, according to the Student Aid Report.

Is Palm Beach State College a good school?

With over 120 certificate and degree programs, Palm Beach State College is a great school. Many different types of bachelor's degrees are offered at this college, including nursing and business degrees. Food options can be found in the area near the school. It has been a good freshman year for me at this school.

What percentage of students actually graduate?

An average of 60 is the average grade for graduates of 4-year institutions. We found a 4% graduation rate; the rate could be higher among students who graduate in more than six years. An average of 31 is achieved by 2-year institutions. We graduated 66% of our students. Graduates of 2-year and 4-year institutions have a graduation rate of 46 percent.

What percentage of students actually finish a bachelor's degree?

According to data from fall 2012, 62 percent of first-time, full-time undergraduates who began pursuing a bachelor's degree at four-year colleges and universities graduated within six years. The numbers this point to is about 62 percent of students graduating from the same institution they entered in 2012 having earned a bachelor's degree.

Can you get a bachelor's degree at a state college?

The state can award bachelor's degrees to community colleges through statute, board policy, or informal agreement currently in 23 states. Occasionally, only a few institutions can offer bachelor's degrees in some states because of limitations in the number and type of degrees offered.

What are the requirements for Palm Beach State College?

Students entering in their senior year at a high school should meet the early admission requirements. I have maintained a grade point average (GPA) of 3 for the entire collegiate career. The grade should be at least 2. Clearly identify that you will attend an information/advising session to determine if the Palm Beach State Dual Enrollment program is right for you before you register for classes. You can apply for admission to Palm Beach State University online.

Is Palm Beach State College a 4 year college?

At Palm Beach State College, you can earn a bachelor's degree, an associate's degree, a professional certificate, and a certificate in work readiness. As a result of the Great Depression, setting up Florida's first public two-year college seems folly now.

What type of school is Palm Beach State College?

A public college in Lake Worth, Florida, Palm Beach State College is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. As part of Florida College System, it offers degree programs.

Is Palm Beach Community College the same as Palm Beach State College?

In 2008, the State Board of Education approved the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management degree at PBCC. - Palm Beach State College becomes Palm Beach State College in recognition of the college's expanded educational offering.

Is Palm Beach State College a community college?

Florida's first public community college, Palm Beach State College was founded in 1933 and has evolved into a diverse, comprehensive institution that meets the educational needs of Palm Beach County residents.