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how to bypass network security pass phrase?

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What is a security phrase example?

Like passwords, passphrases are longer, more secure, and harder to guess. A hard drive, a USB drive, or a document on your computer can be encrypted with disk encryption only as strong as the passphrase you use.

What is network pass phrase?

In a computer network, database, program, website, online account, or any other electronic source of information, a passphrase is a special combination of characters that controls access. The decision to use a passphrase is typically made by a network administrator as part of security practices.

What should a security phrase be?

Pick a quote or phrase that will stand out and vary the capitalization of the first letter in each word. Add numbers and symbols in place of letters, as well as full words for replacement.

What are some examples of a passphrase?

A username and password that you can easily remember is "Tiger123." This is a short name and password... It is time for winter. What do we do?... Isn't it awesome that tigers are the number one team in the country? This passphrase is more complex, long, and easier to remember than the previous one.