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how to find your network security key for hotspot?

During this process, opt for “manage wireless networks” and click on the SSID of the network you are connected to. Then choose the security tab by right clicking the network name and clicking on properties. If you would like to see the network security key, check the show characters box.

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How do I find my hotspot security key?

The root folder of your Android device can be found by tapping on Local and Device. wpa_supplicant can be accessed through the root folder and misc and wifi can be viewed to see the Wi-Fi security key. There is no way to gain access to this option without root access, so most users may not be able to use it.

What is my hotspot WEP key?

On most routers, the network security key is displayed on a label placed at the bottom or back of the device. A router's label may display one of several keys, such as "security key," "WEP key," "WPA key," or "passphrase.". Browsers can be used to find the IP address of your WiFi router.

How do I find my WEP key for hotspot?

To access the Settings menu, select the "Settings" icon from the Home screen. To access wireless and network, select "Wireless and Network". You can view WEP settings for the wireless connection found at the bottom of the page by tapping on it. Make sure the "Show Password" checkbox is selected.

Is my Iphone hotspot WEP or WPA?

There is only one answer. If you hold Option and click the WiFi icon in the menu bar, you will see this information. In a "menu" that will open, you can find further options and details, such as what kind of security you use. It means it supports both. If your network is marked WPA/WPA2 Personal, you can expect both to be supported.

How do I get a WEP key?

To change the wireless settings, click the Wireless Settings link in the Top Menu. To access the Basic Security Settings, click the left-hand menu. Step 5 of the Basic Security Settings section, Select A WEP Key, asks for the new key code. It is a requirement that WEP keys have ten digits.

Is WEP key same as WiFi password?

Known as WPA or Security Key, this password allows your wireless network to connect. WIFI Security Keys are also known as WEP keys, WPA/WPA2 passphrases, or WEP keys. Passwords on modems and routers are commonly referred to as PIN codes.