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how to set network security?

Set Up Your Secure Network – From the Ground UpStep 1: Find and open the Router Settings page on your router. Next, you need to create a login and password for your router. You must change your network’s SSID name in Step Three. The final step involves enabling encryption on the network. Your Mac addresses will be filtered out in Step Five. The sixth step in reducing the range of your wireless signal is to reduce the frequency.

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What is set in computer network security?

A Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) is a method of ensuring the security and integrity of an electronic transaction when you use your credit card. For online payments handled through credit cards, the system utilizes various encryption and hashing methods.

Is set a failure?

As a security protocol and format, SET enables users to utilize existing credit card payment systems on an open network in a secure manner without requiring a payment system. Although it gained some attention in the market, it did not be as successful as anticipated.

What are the components of secure electronic transaction?

As a merchant. Credit card holder/acquirer. This is the credit card company. Gateway for accepting payments. An entity that certifies products or services. A double signature is a means of verifying SET data integrity by linking messages from two distinct recipients.

What is transaction security in e-commerce?

It aims at giving buyers and sellers privacy when they transact and protecting the client-server network against malfunctions and attacks by third parties. The main purpose of this course is to give an overview of client-side security - Techniques and practices that protect user privacy and the integrity of computing systems.