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how to stop windows 10 firewall network security notifications?

Start the Control Panel on your Windows PC and turn on or off notification settings for Windows Defender Firewall. You can find System and Security under System. Windows Firewall should appear on the list. Go to the left-hand panel and click the Change notification settings button. Check or uncheck the box next to Notify me when Windows Firewall blocks a new app.

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How do I get rid of the Windows firewall warning pop up?

Open the Start menu by clicking it. Control Panels are of this type. Choosing System and Security > Security and Maintenance will take you there. You can change Security and Maintenance settings by clicking the Change Security and Maintenance settings button. Make sure Network firewall is not checked on the left side. Turn off your computer and restart it.

How do I turn off Windows Security Center notifications?

Windows 10 version 1803 and below should be Windows components > Windows Defender version 1803 and below the path would be Windows components > Windows Defender Security Center > Notifications. If you are using Windows 10 version 2004 and above, navigate to Windows components > Windows Security > Notification. Make sure Hide all notifications is set to Enabled in the Settings app. You can now click Ok.

Is Windows firewall protection alert real?

Likewise, the fake "Windows Firewall Warning Alert" error message looks very similar to Error 268D3-XC00037, Microsoft System Security Alert, Your Device Is Under Threat and many more. Websites that display this error are malicious. "Windows Firewall Warning Alert" errors are fake and scams.

Why does Windows Firewall keep popping up?

The browser often redirects you to sites with a Windows Firewall Warning Alert that suggests you call a support number to fix it; this is an indication of an adware program. Scammers are using these "Windows Firewall Warning Alert" alerts to lure people into giving them personal information.