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how would honeybow help network security analysts?

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What are the purposes of honeypot?

The honeypot will show you how attackers work and will examine the different threats they pose. It is a controlled and safe environment. A honeypot will ensure that security staff are not distracted by real network traffic - they will be able to concentrate on the threat completely. In addition to catching external threats, honeypots can catch internal threats as well.

How does honeypot provide security to the network?

This type of network-attached system, known as a honeypot, is intended to discourage and detect attempts to hack into information systems and to deflect and deflect cyber attacks. In honeypots, cells appear vulnerable, but in reality, they are controlled and monitored from a central location.

What is a honeypot and how is it useful for security?

In security, honeypots function as a virtual trap that lures attackers into the system. By intentionally damaging a computer system, attackers can exploit vulnerabilities, and the security policies can be improved based on what they discover.

Does cyber security deal with networking?

According to this view, cybersecurity refers to an organization's cyber-connected systems and network security to the IT infrastructure. Cybersecurity has a strong focus on protecting the user's network from cyberattacks.