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what is a characteristic of a trojan horse as it relates to network security?

A Trojan horse has several characteristics that relate to network security. There is malware embedded within an executable program that appears legitimate. A single memory block is overloaded with data, affecting parts of other memory blocks as well.

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What is the characteristic of a Trojan horse?

This malicious software looks legitimate, but can negatively impact your computer. Trojan horses are part of the Trojan horse family. An antivirus Trojan is an attempt to do harm to your network, or to inflict some other type of harm on your data, by disrupting it, stealing it, or doing other harmful actions. Unlike a true application or file, a Trojan will act as if it is a legit one.

Which best describes a Trojan horse?

As a computing term, a Trojan horse refers to a program downloaded and installed onto a computer that appears to be harmless but is malicious in intent. In many cases, Trojan horses are hidden in emails or free downloads that appear innocent.

What is the characteristics of a Trojan horse as it relates to network security?

In computer lingo, a Trojan horse is a malicious program that looks like something legitimate but really isn't. The Trojan horse is so named because of the attack method employed by attackers, which involves hiding malicious software inside legitimate software, which is known as social engineering.

What is one common function of a Trojan horse?

Trojan horses are malicious programs that are installed on the host system to perform a desired function, but in reality, they conceal hidden, or covert, programs. Trojan horses are designed to create backdoors, run scripts, steal information, and in some cases exploit social networks.

Which definition best defines a Trojan horse?

An example of a Trojan horse is a computer virus that sends out e-mail messages. Basically, it is a type of computer program that gets cloaked as a program such as an utility, game, or antivirus program. It can also be the payload of freeware or shareware that is downloaded from the internet.

What is Trojan horse in simple words?

Trojan horses (often simply referred to as trojans) are programs which are malicious. form of malware that pretends to be something it isn't. Instead, it acts like a Trojan horse, allowing a stranger to read and alter your computer's data.

What is a Trojan horse person?

A person or object intended to be defeated or subverted from within, usually through deception.

What is the best description of Trojan horse malware CCNA?

In essence, Trojan horses behave like viruses and worms in that they appear as useful software, but hide malicious code inside them. There are several kinds of malware that may cause computer problems, but some of them are fatal.

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