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what network security setting turns off network discovery by “default” windows 10?

If the location type of your computer is Public/Guest, then the network discovery function is disabled by default. However, if the location type is Private, the feature will operate.

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How do I permanently turn on network discovery?

Choose Windows Firewall from Control Panel's System and Security section. To enable and configure Windows Firewall through an app, select Allow an app or feature. You can change your settings by clicking the Change settings button. Then click OK to start the network discovery.

Why does network Discovery keep turning off Windows 10?

Why does off? The service you are trying to access might not be running if one of its dependents is not. After clicking Turn on network discovery, the network discovery is turned on. Save your changes by clicking Save.

Which network profile in Windows by default disables the network discovery feature?

Public networks do not support this feature by default. The following steps will show you how to configure the Network Discovery feature: 1) Click on Start and then select Control Panel from the list. Go to the Control Panel window and click View network status and tasks.

How do I fix network discovery is turned off?

It is a good idea to restart the PC. You can choose the sharing mode you would like to use. The Dependency Services Settings can be changed. Set up your firewall settings so that you can allow network discovery. the Troubleshooter to fix the problem... You can disable the antivirus and firewall by clicking here... The network adapter needs to be updated... You need to reset your network settings.

Is network discovery turned on by default?

The feature is automatically enabled when connected to a private network such as the internet at your home or workplace, but turned off when connected to public networks you're not supposed to trust, or when you do not allow your PC to be discoverable because of that.

Is it safe to turn off network discovery?

While connected to a network in a public location, you can turn on network discovery without turning off network sharing. This means that, for any public network you connect to after that, network discovery will be enabled. The risk of this is too high. Instead, we suggest you use network sharing.

Is network discovery a security risk?

An advantage of enabling network discovery is that it exposes a company to cyber threats, such as network sniffing, in which hackers intercept data on networks and use it maliciously. Having Network Discovery turned on makes it possible for hackers to steal data being transmitted between computers.

Why did my network discovery turn off?

When connecting to public networks that should not be trusted or if you do not want to allow your PC to be discovered on those networks, network discovery is turned off.

Why is my network discovery turned off?

Usually, two things are at fault if your Windows 10 computer or device is unable to see other computers on your network: Either you assigned the wrong network profile (public rather than private) or you have disabled network discovery.