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what of the following is the single greatest cause of network security breaches?

The lack of knowledge of users is one of the leading reasons for breaches in network security, according to studies. It is common for employees to forget their passwords to access computer systems, or to let others use them. This compromises the security of both systems.

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When hackers gain access to a database containing your personal private information?

In the case of Identity theft, hackers are able to access and steal personal information from a database. Vandalism refers to the act of intentionally changing or destroying a website.

Can be classified as input controls processing controls and output controls?

A group of application controls consists of (1) control input, (2) control processing, and (3) control output. As soon as data enters the system, input controls check it for correctness and completeness. is a special input control for authorizing inputs, converting data, editing data, and handling errors.

Which of the following is the single greatest threat to network security?

What at to network security? Security in a network is primarily a concern of employees. The importance of training users cannot be overstated. There should be a clear awareness within the workplace that employees are the main targets.

What can hackers do with personal information?

Data about personal and financial situations has been targeted by hackers for a very long time because they can be easily sold. It is also possible to fabricate a medical background by using stolen data including medical diplomas, licenses and insurance documents.

What type of information do hackers look for?

It may be anything from an online password to a bank account number or OTP for access to your accounts that an attacker is looking for. Hackers can use your data to launch a variety of attacks after they have obtained it.

What techniques do hackers use to steal information?

I am a victim of phishing... This is known as an attack that baits and switches. An easy way to track your keys. Attacks resulting in a denial of service (DoS/DDoS). Hacking attacks based on clickjacking. The fake World Wide Web. A cookie theft has taken place. The presence of viruses and Trojan horses.

In which technique are network communications are analyzed to see whether packets are part of an ongoing dialogue between a sender and a receiver *?

By inspecting stateful packets, you can observe if a sender and a receiver are having a conversation. NAT hides the IP address of a company's internal host computer to prevent spying programs from outside the firewall from seeing it.

Is the use of physical characteristics such as retinal images to provide identification?

A biometric authentication is a process that uses physical characteristics, such as retinal images, to identify the individual.

What is hardware and or software that limits access to networks by external intruders?

An anti-virus program. Adaptive firewalls are systems made up of software, hardware, or both, that guard a company's internal network against the world wide web and set specific limits on access to the internet based on the company's policies.

How do software vendors correct flaws in their software after it has been distributed?

What is the process by which software vendors fix bugs oftware after it has been distributed? Fixing bugs is one of their duties. Each time there is an update to the software, they release it. A patch is issued by them.