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which element of a network security policy explains proper or improper use of the internet?

The Internet Use Policy lays out guidelines for how to utilize Internet resources properly and incorrectly.

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Is a device that allows a computer which works with digital information to communicate over lines that use analog signals?

As a modem, a computer can send and receive information using a telephone line by means of a modulator and demodulator. An analog audio signal is converted at the device ("modulated") and transmitted via telephone.

Why has the OSI reference model become such a key part of networking?

It seems that the OSI Reference Model has become a key component of networking for a number of reasons. Aiming to make sure that network interfaces as well as cable from multiple manufacturers are compatible with each other.

For what purpose is a CSU DSU used?

Essentially, CSU/DSU (Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit) is a device about the size of a modem that transmits data frames over the local area network (LAN) and converts them to frames suitable for wide-area networks (WAN).

What type of policy defines the methods involved when a user logs on to the network aka?

A policy determines the methods by which users log on to a network. Regardless of whether or not rules can be enforced, security policies should state clearly the desired results. The only thing you've studied is 23 terms.

What should a network policy include?

Ideally, a network security policy should address all network devices as well as transmission media.

Is a device that allows a given computer to share data or otherwise a device which let computers exchange information?

MODEM - (Modulator - Decoder) A modem is a device that connects a computer to the internet to exchange data or a device that lets computers communicate with one another.

What device sends digital data over an analog circuit?

Modems are devices that are used to convert digital information into modulated analog signals that can be transmitted over the analog telephone lines.

Which signal is used by computers analog or digital?

Electrifying pulses are sent from computers to transmit digital signals.

Which device allows for the main communication with a computer?

Computer modems convert a computer's digital information into an analog signal for transmission over an analog network. Likewise, a modem can receive analog signals and convert them to digital before a computer can process them.

What is the role of OSI model in networking?

Keeping in mind the new software technologies developed during the last few years, OSI is often referred to as "the Model" (open systems interconnect). Operating system interoperability (OSI) is a standard for defining different computing functions so that products and software can be interoperable.

Which reference model are used in network?

In many commercially available network service architectures, the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) reference model serves as a basis. There are other protocols that are loosely modeled after the model, developed independently.

What is the main purpose of the OSI reference model?

OSI reference models are designed to assist technology vendors and developers in building digital communications products and software programs that will be compatible with each other, as well as to provide a clear framework that explains the functions of a given networking or telecommunications system.

Do you think the OSI reference model is important in designing computer networks Why?

OSI Basic Reference Model standard document ISO/IEC 7498-1 states that it provides an "overall reference within which existing standards can be placed into perspective within the OSI e-standard body" by providing a "common framework for coordinating standard development for systems interconnection.".

For what purpose is a CSU DSU used quizlet?

Dedicated Channel Service Unit or Data Service Unit (CSU/DSU) connections between the customer's LAN and the provider's network are made through the DSU.

Are CSU DSU still used?

As a result, external CSUs and DSUs have been eliminated, even for circuits that require them. In addition, circuits for which they were required have been replaced with the use of customer-side devices with Ethernet interfaces.

What is the purpose of the Channel Service Unit?

WAN channels are handled by the Channel Service Unit (CSU). It receives and transmits signals between the WAN and the LAN, and it prevents electrical interference between the two. In lieu of an internet connection, the CSU can also receive loopback signals from the phone company.

Which of the following is the equipment at the customer site that's the responsibility of the customer?

In this context, customer premises equipment (CPE) refers to equipment on the customer's premises that is under the responsibility of the customer.

Which of the following is an element of a network security policy that explains for what purposes network resources can be used?

(1) Privacy policy-Describes how staff, customers, and business partners will be monitored and reported on network usage. Policy on acceptable use of network resources - Information about the uses of the network.

Which protocol is used to encrypt data as it travels a network?

As part of a public key infrastructure (PKI), the SSL protocol can provide authentication, encryption, and data integrity.

Why do network administrators create domain groups?

Managing a user's security privileges is made possible by domain groups, which are created by network administrators. A central location where each group is assigned the appropriate permissions and where unauthorized access to network resources is prevented.