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which network security tool can detect open tcp and udp ports on most versions of microsoft windo?

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Which network security tool can detect open TCP and UDP ports on most versions of Microsoft Windows group answer choices?

Open ports and many other items can be detected with vulnerability scanners; however, if all that's needed is a list of open TCP and UDP ports, a port scanner may be the better (and faster) option.

What type of security testing uses simulated attacks on a network to determine how strong network is against a real threat?

Simulation of attacks is used to determine the results of a real threat in security tests. Network penetration testing determines if a successful attack on the network has any consequences.

What type of network security test can detect and report changes made to network systems group of answer choices?

Checking for integrity is a process for detecting and reporting system changes. In vulnerability scanning, vulnerability flaws and configuration errors are identified on a network system.

Which executive position is responsible for all IT and computer systems that support enterprise goals group of answer choices?

Among the C-level responsibilities of the CIO are to set the company's IT strategy and make sure it works in conjunction with the company's business operations. Many digital businesses will rely heavily on IT strategies to directly drive their business strategies.

What network testing tool can be used to identify network layer protocols running on a host?

Known as Nmap, a free, open-source tool for testing and finding vulnerabilities in networks, Nmap is used for vulnerability scanning. Nmap is a tool used by network administrators for identifying what devices are running on their networks and managing their operations, discovering host services and open ports, and detecting security threats.

Which one of the listed tools scan for known security threats on groups of computers?

One of the following tools can be used to scan rity threats on groups of computers? IPsec offers more protection than TLS in general. An IPsec session is authenticated with the Authentication Header protocol (AH) and protected with Encapsulating Security Payloads (ESP).

Which security test is appropriate for detecting system weakness such as misconfiguration?

As well as hackers, testers often use social engineering tactics. During the test, any vulnerabilities, such as a misconfigured system, will be identified so that an employee or other user cannot access, modify, or delete confidential data and information.

What is a CIO responsible for?

An information and computer technology chief officer is a high-ranking executive responsible for managing, implementing, and maintaining a company's technological systems. The CIO must be agile, both able to respond quickly to changes and trends, as well as to the demands of both the organization and its people.

What is an IT director responsible for?

For organizations, IT directors manage, develop and execute strategies related to IT infrastructure. Assisting in the development of technical projects based on organizational needs. Work with management, external vendors, and advisors while supervising an entire team.

What is the IT manager roles and responsibilities?

A computer-related manager's role is to plan, schedule, and coordinate the activities related to computers within an organisation. Whether it is determining the IT needs of an organization or implementing computer systems to fulfill the organization's information system requirements, they play a crucial role in maximizing its computing resources.

What does a CIO care about?

In the CIO's role, he or she examines how the organization can stand out from competitors with technological expertise, speed, and customer service. An organization's operational model will usually need to be adjusted, as well as a digital platform built.