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why does https technology add complexity to network security monitoring?

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Why does https technology add complexity?

Monitoring network security has become more complex due to HTTPS technology. As HTTPS changes the port number on the web server, the port number on the browser should change as well. Encryption, implemented by HTTPS, ensures the confidentiality of data traffic. A NAT/PAT is used to conceal the true source IP address through HTTPS.

How can Nat Pat complicate network security monitoring If NetFlow is being used?

NetFlow monitoring can be complicated by NAT/PAT if they are being used. A change of MAC address occurs both at the source and destination. The data payload of a packet is encrypted to conceal its contents. Port number manipulation allows it to disguise the application that the user initiated.

Why network security monitoring is important?

Monitoring for network security breaches - Detection and response to attacks. The network monitoring provides a variety of data that can be used to analyze basic traffic flow, overall system structure, and integrity, but network security monitoring guards you against exploits.

Which two options are network security monitoring approaches that use advanced analytic?

During Network Behavior Analysis and Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD), advanced analytical techniques are employed to analyze data from NetFlow or IPFIX telemetry networks for effectiveness in detecting network security threats.

In which way does the use of HTTPS increase the security monitoring challenges within enterprise networks?

The use of HTTPS in enterprise networks increases security monitoring challenges in what way? ? There is no need for authentication for HTTPS traffic. Using HTTPS lets you encrypt data from beginning to end. There is a significant speed difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

How does using HTTPS complicate network security monitoring?

Does ity monitoring? The capture of HTTPS packets becomes more complicated. A malicious website redirects web browser traffic to an infected server. Visitor information on a company website cannot be secured with HTTPS.

What is network security monitoring?

Monitoring of network security involves collecting, analyzing, and escalating indications of user activity and identifying and responding to network intrusions. The tools that monitor network security usually have features such as these. Searching for suspicious behavior or proactive network queries in search of security data.

How is statistical data used in network security monitoring processes?

What esses? Network hosts are able to communicate with each other via it. The network activity between hosts is displayed in the report. Data from other types of networks is analyzed to create it.