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why is kali linux a popular choice in testing the network security of an organization?

The popularity of Kali Linux in testing network security in an organisation can be attributed to several reasons. There are provisions under the act that provide for the privacy of individuals and provide limits on how information will be shared with third parties. The following are two possible threats to applications.

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What are the two items that can be found on the Internet Storm Center website?

Information Security information is offered at the Internet Storm Center website in the form of an InfoSec blog, InfoSec tools, and news.

What are the three broad categories of information security position?

Controls for security can be divided into three main areas or categories. The management security control, operational security control, and physical security control are all part of this.

What three tactics can be implemented to protect the private cloud?

As the security administrator, your job is to maintain the infrastructure and keep it hacked-free. The private cloud can be protected with the following three tactics. Pick three from the list. (a) Disable ping, probe, and port scanning; (b) Test inbound and outbound traffic; (c) Install security patches and update devices.

What do you call the vulnerabilities discovered by Google security researchers that affect almost all cpus released since 1995 Select two correct answers?

Features unique to the company. "Meltdown" and "Spectre" were discovered by researchers in 2015. As of late 2015, "almost every platform" is affected, including computers, phones and servers.

Which devices are specifically designed for network security?

An application-layer firewall that blocks packets. A firewall that uses stateful packet filtering. Firewall with proxy. Application n firewall (WAF) An intrusion detection system that detects attacks on the host. Systems that detect intrusions over a network. You can filter web content. Netload alancer (NLB)

Which of the following is the security measure that deals with the protection of data and application from unauthorized disclosure *?

Generally, information security pertains to preventing unauthorized access to information, disclosure of information, privacy invasions, or other illegal activities involving information. Information is documented, copied, and destroyed to ensure the security of information.

What are two common indicators of spam mail Choose two?

Two of spam mail? No subject line was included in the email, and there was an error in the usage of punctuation or spelling.

What two values are required to calculate annual loss expectancy?

Specifically, the formula for e × exposure factor.

What are the 3 categories of information security?

Technical, administrative, and physical controls are the three primary types of IT security controls. main purpose of implementing a security control is to prevent, detect, correct, compensate, or deter.

What are the different types of information security?

The main goal of application security is to protect applications and their APIs. Information security in the infrastructure... A security perspective on cloud computing... I am interested in cryptography. I am responding to an incident. Having a vulnerability management plan in place. In the wake of disaster, we must recover... An attack aimed at social engineering.

What are three disclosure exemptions that pertain to the FOIA choose three select one or more?

This is information provided by financial institutions to the public. You want to keep this information confidential. Information about wells that isn't geological in nature. Statutory information that is not exempt from disclosure. This section provides information on foreign policy and national security.

What three best practices can help defend against social engineering attacks?

Spam filters are included in every email program. Make sure they're set to high. It is never a good idea to use the same password across multiple accounts... You may want to consider using multi-factor authentication.... It is a good idea to change passwords immediately when in doubt. Make sure employees are educated.

Choose three?

The TKIP protocol. It is 2.11q. We're making progress. The 02.11i date. EPW. Answers Explanation & Hints: AES is the most highly advanced encryption algorithm available. A number of protocols can provide secure communication systems.

What CPUs are affected by Meltdown?

Several ARM-based microprocessors as well as Intel x86 and IBM POWER processors are vulnerable to Meltdown. In this case, even rogue processes have access to the entire memory, even if they are not authorized. System vulnerabilities are at risk due to Meltdown.

What Intel CPUs are affected by Spectre and Meltdown?

CompanySpectre 1MeltdownAMD295 Server CPUs 42 Workstation CPUs 396 Desktop CPUs 208 Mobile CPUsNoneApple13 Mobile SoCs13 Mobile SoCsARM10 Mobile CPUs 3 Server SoCs4 Mobile CPUs 3 Server SoCsIBM5 z/Architecture CPUs 10 POWER CPUs5 z/Architecture CPUs 10 POWER CPUs

What is Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities?

An absolute definition of Spectre is a vulnerability that offers the ability to read memory at any location in the allocated memory of a program. In Meltdown, a process can read all the memory in a system if it has sufficient permission.

Who discovered Meltdown and Spectre?

In addition to Jann Horn (Project Zero at Google), Werner Haas, Thomas Prescher (Cyberus Technology), Daniel Gruss, Moritz Lipp, Stefan Mangard, Michael Schwarz (Graz University of Technology) disclosed Meltdown independently.