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why is network security monitoring important?

The process of uncovering and responding to intrusions in the network security system. Monitored networks are providing a way for you to analyze basic traffic flows, the structure of your systems, and their integrity. However, network security monitoring is protecting you against numerous potential vulnerabilities and exploits.

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Why do we need network security monitoring?

What are the benefits of ing? addition to its importance in detecting external threats, network security monitoring can also be used to detect threats within the network.

What is the purpose of network monitoring?

Monitoring of a network entails the constant observation of components to determine if they are slow or failing, and notifying the administrator (via email, SMS or other alerts) in case of problems. Monitors work as part of the network management process.

WHAT IS IT security monitoring?

In security monitoring, also known as security information monitoring (SIM) or security event monitoring (SEM), you gather and analyze information to detect suspicious behavior or unauthorized changes on your network, determine what kinds of events should trigger alerts, and take appropriate action.

What are the requirements of security monitoring?

An effective security monitoring program should include these elements. An alert generated when a critical security incident or situation occurs or is detected based on detection of an automated event or situation. Critical alerts are delivered to the appropriate parties via various means, so that they can take appropriate action.