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1. how does information technology help groupon compete?

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How does information technology help Groupon compete?

A key role of IT for Groupon is to help subscribers and management communicate through daily deals; helping potential customers to participate in the deals by establishing a network. E-mail can be used to share deals with the public.

Does Groupon have a competitive advantage?

Providing consumers with local merchant discounts on Groupon has no competitive advantage and cannot get one because it keeps half of the proceeds. Customer value creation occurs when customers choose products that meet their needs better than those of the competitors.

What does Groupon do?

Customers can access Groupon via its website and mobile app to get coupons, cashback with purchases, and group deals. In order to get customers into their establishments or to make purchases, restaurants, retailers, and manufacturers offer Groupon deals.

Why do you think Groupon has experienced such a high success rate?

Due to the unmet market need that Groupon exploited in its success, it is such a successful company. Our hearts are full of love as a result of our past experiences. This coupon site has turned a basic idea into something cool by making it social, by putting it in a group.

Why has Groupon been so appealing to consumers?

consumers, Groupon is an excellent way to try out a new product, experience or activity at a discounted rate. Merchants can limit the number of transactions they can offer, which helps put a cap on the amount of transactions they can handle, as well as creating urgency for getting a sale before it runs out.

Are there any disadvantages to the merchant in using Groupon works?

Are there any he downsides? Cost is the leading factor. Groupon offers 50% off of your products or services on average. This is then split 50/50 by Groupon.

Why is Groupon not profitable?

During a phone interview, Groupon CEO Rich Williams explained that two factors were to blame for the company's financial struggle last quarter. First, the company is still investing in marketing and other efforts to get more customers, and second, its restructuring efforts are causing expenses.

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