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how can an organization apply the common criteria for information technology security evaluation?

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What defines a Common Criteria for security OS?

Computer security is regulated by the Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408). Evaluations of a product based on Common Criteria are performed in order to validate that it meets a set of predefined security principles.

Is there value in applying Common Criteria within public companies?

It is imperative to obtain Common Criteria certification. In the government and public safety sectors, Common Criteria certification is crucial to capture (or maintain) market share. That is, if you wish to compete with other well-established security products.

What organizations use the Common Criteria?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) accredits Common Criteria Testing Laboratories (CCTL) in the United States.

What is the main purpose of the Common Criteria for information Technology security evaluation?

There is one set of guidelines and specifications called "Common Criteria (CC)", designed for evaluating security products for compliance with government-defined security standards.

Is Common Criteria mandatory?

Purchases by the United States of America of IT security products. Most government agencies that solicit bids for national security systems require Common Criteria certification. It is imperative to be certified according to Common Criteria.

What is the purpose of Common Criteria?

A particular product or system can be objectively tested to validate if its security requirements are met by following the Common Criteria. the Common Criteria is intended to serve primarily as a standard for evaluation, those who create security requirements should find it useful.

What is the purpose of ISO 15408 otherwise known as the ISO Common Criteria?

IT certification procedures for products based on the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (or Common Criteria or CC), are based on an international standard (ISO / IEC 15408). IT product security inspection based on world-recognized criteria, ensuring independent, scalable, and internationally recognized control.

What defines a Common Criteria for security OS?

The Common Criteria Framework (CCF) is a framework that allows computer system users to specify security functional and assurance requirements in a Security Target (ST), which can also be taken from Protection Profiles (PP).

What is the purpose of security evaluation?

A security evaluation is a formal process that allows an independent organization who is authorized and accredited to certify that a product or system meets internationally developed and internationally recognized security standards.

What is Common Criteria used for?

The Common Criteria (CC) is an international set of criteria and guidelines designed to measure the security of information systems and products.

What is Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement?

It was established in 1998 so that each participant of the arrangement could recognize a certification issued by a participant authorized to issue certificates. There will be no cryptographic functionality included in this agreement since it covers only the first four security levels of the Common Criteria: EAL1 through EAL4.

What is Common Criteria mode?

With this setting, it is easier to deploy devices in CC Mode, a way of simplifying the task of properly configuring security. In the Configuration Common Criteria section, an IT admin can enable the Common Criteria configuration on the device.

What is Common Criteria EAL2?

This level of evaluation has been structurally tested. A situation in which developers or users require low to moderate security, but do not have access to the complete development record. Often, this occurs when developers are restricted from accessing legacy systems or when old systems are being secured.

What is Common Criteria certificate?

A list of Common Criteria Standards ver 3.1.0 is provided in the Indian Common Criteria Certification Scheme (IC3S) which is used to evaluate and certify IT Security Products and Protection Profiles (PP) in accordance with the Common Criteria Standards. From EAL 1 to EAL 4, 1 R2 is available at every assurance level.

What is the Common Criteria security framework?

Security functional requirements (SFRs) and security functional assurance requirements (SARs) are specified using protection profiles (PPs) within the Common Criteria framework. In the area of secure IT products, the CC is at the forefront of global mutual recognition.

What is Common Criteria certified?

A set of standardized guidelines and specifications known as the Common Criteria (CC) was developed for evaluating information security products by international organizations. For example, Common Criteria measures the security requirements of government deployments to ensure that certified products meet those standards.

How many countries recognize Common Criteria?

A common criteria recognition arrangement or CCRA consists of 28 countries on different continents, and CCRA authorizing members can award Common Criteria certification up to EAL 2 for secure IT products.

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