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information technology (it) is a strategic enabler when?

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What is the role of information technology in strategic management?

It is imperative for strategic performance management to take advantage of technology. Definition and translation of the corporate strategy and vision. The strategic objective and its measures should be communicated and linked. Set and align targets and strategic initiatives in planning.

How is information technology a key business enabler and driver?

In order for a business to be competitive and profitable, it must innovate and grow its productivity. As an enabler, IT plays a crucial and leading role in this process. The creation of global value chains is impossible without advanced information technology systems.

What is information technology enabler?

Using ICT as a tool for process change is both enabling and implementing. ICT facilitates improved business processes and limits the ability to make substantial changes through its use as an enabler.

What is strategic enabler?

In the context of lean management, it is important to remember that it is not a strategy, but an enabler of a strategy. A strategic management framework enables an organization to execute its objectives more efficiently and effectively, aligning it closer with its strategic goals.

Why is technology considered an enabler?

As a result, you achieve your goals. We have a strategy for this. An approach that focuses first on technology will not always work.

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