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three areas where technology can aid in the defense against information security attacks?

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What is the first step in defending against Internet based attacks?

The first step in defending against Internet-based attacks is to implement a firewall. The web browser should be extended with security extensions.

Which of the following are types of hackers quizlet?

In Black-Hat hacking, hackers break into other people's computers, take advantage of the opportunity to look around, or take and destroy data. In hacking, crackers usually intend to commit a crime. The existence of cyberterrorists... I include hactivists in this category. The script for Kiddies/Bunnies is below. Hackers who follow the white-hat code.

Which of the following represents the three areas where technology can aid in the defense against information security attacks quizlet?

In addition to authentication and authorization, prevention and resistance, detection and response are three areas where technology can contribute to defending against information security attacks.

What are the first two lines of defense a company should take when addressing security risks?

Doers are first-line defenses in the war - the people on the frontlines. Risk is managed daily, regulations and standards are adhered to, and processes are followed as defined by the company. As for the second line of defense, it consists of the managers, who are responsible for overseeing the workers.

Which of the below represents the definition of information secrecy quizlet?

Information secrecy can be defined as one of the following. Conformity is the act of acquiescing or yielding.

What is a new ransomware program that encrypts your personal files and demands payment for the files decryption keys?

The Simplelocker ransomware program encrypts your data and demands payment in order to decrypt it. Future attacks could be made easier by creating a path into the network.

What are the first two lines of defense an organization should take when addressing security risks *?

Risk management according to the Three Lines of Defense model is composed of three lines of defense: management control, risk control and compliance oversight functions established by management, and independent assurance.

What is a form of social engineering in which one individual lies to obtain confidential data about another individual?

Social engineering is the act of liars making false statements in order to gain access to confidential information about someone else.

What area of information security focuses on preventing?

An organization's network security policies and practices are taken into consideration when it is seeking to prevent, detect, and monitor unauthorized access to computing networks. Whether networks are private or public, as well as on-premises or cloud computing information systems, you have a wide variety of options.

What is the format used to write web pages?

HTML is a language used to write hypertext documents. Web pages are composed of one or more HTML files. The definition of presentation semantics on web pages is often based on JavaScript code or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) code.

Which is the most popular scripting code used with web pages?

An interactive web page can be built using JavaScript, which is a text-based programming language used both on the client and on the server.

Why should you not click on an embedded hyperlink quizlet?

Clicking on a hyperlink embedded in an embedded article is not recommended. If they redirect you to a different Web site other than one advertised, then it is against the terms and conditions. An e-mail message can be read using a reading pane.

Which of these is the name for a type of an add on for a web browser quizlet?

To install a browser plugin, you'd have to add one to your computer.

Which of the following is a type of hacker?

The world of information security is home to three types of hackers: black hats, white hats, e well-known types of hackers in the world of information security: black hats, white hats and grey hats. In an attempt to distinguish good and bad hackers, hackers came up with these colored hat descriptions.

What is a white hat hacker quizlet?

Those who hack ethically or in a white hat. The aim is to test weaknesses in the system or expose vulnerabilities with no malicious intent. There are hackers who practice black hat tactics. It is a crime to hack into systems for the purpose of destroying information or gaining illicit gains. Kids, read the script.

What is a black hat hacker quizlet?

Hackers who use black-hat techniques. It might be a good idea to hack other people's computers just to look around, or to steal and destroy data. A cracker. You hack with the intention of committing a crime.

Which of the following is a way to protect against social engineering?

Comprehending and learning social engineering techniques is the best means of defending against social engineering attacks. During training, empowerment must be emphasized, as well as a culture in which trust is verified, and ritualization without social stigma ought to be the norm.

What is the goal of a white hat hacker quizlet?

In computer security, a white hat hacker runs tests on computer networks and systems to see how safe they are. Black hat hackers (also known as malicious hackers) identify vulnerabilities before white hat hackers (also known as security experts) do.

Which of the following is the correct list the six different types of hackers listed in your text?

The following list of six different types of hackers is incorrect. Please correct it if it is the correct one. A Black-hat, a Cracker, a Hacker, a Hack Hamster, and a White Hat are all cyberthreats. with information security breaches?

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