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what can i do with a health information management technology degree?

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Where can I work with health information management?

Inpatient rehabilitation facilities, acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician's offices, agency settings, mental health facilities, and outpatient clinics are all places where health information managers work.

How much can you make with a health information management degree?

PositionMedian Salary (February 2020)Health Information Management Manager$56,620Healthcare Consultant$77,332Registered Health Information Administrator$66,000Medical Records Supervisor$47,495

What can you do with a health information technology degree?

Expert in data analysis. The developer of software. Information technician in the health care field. The manager of the project. Coder for the medical field. Administrator of a database. Leader of the quality assurance department. Consultant in information security.

How long does it take to get health information management degree?

In full-time study, health information management can be completed in four years, but part-time students can finish a degree in eight years if they are studying part-time. Those who have completed an associate degree can normally complete their degree in two years.

What is a health information technology occupation?

Technicians who deal with health records and information - These professionals organize and manage health data, primarily by using a patient's electronic health record (EHR). The BLS reports that median salaries for these professionals for 2015 were $37,110.

Is health information a good career?

It is an excellent career path to pursue because it is linked to a number of causes. A health information administrator's main responsibility is to maximize patient care standards at each stage of a project.

What jobs can you get with a health information degree?

Information manager in the health care field. The job of a medical coder is... The role is for a data analyst... Auditor of compliance with outpatient coding. Documentation specialist in the clinical setting... System manager in the medical field... Scientist who works in medical research.

What do health information management workers do?

In healthcare information management, information pertaining to symptoms, diagnoses, medical histories, test results, and procedures is managed, reviewed, and protected.

How much can you make in health information management?

Average Wage$39.04 / hrAverage Salary$68,175.00 / yrHours Per Week33.6 hrs

What job can I do with health information management?

The clinical data manager looks after the clinical data.... The medical records abstractor works with medical records... Coding manager in the medical field... An officer in charge of privacy. The director of health information management is called the medical records administrator.

How much can you make with a masters in health information management?

A health information manager typically earns $60,000. More experienced professionals make as much as $150,000 per year.

What jobs can you get with a health technology degree?

Technologists in the field of medical records. The role of information technologists in the medical field. Those who work in the laboratory support field. They are known as radiologic technologists. They are phlebotomists. Technicians in the field of surgery. Engineers who work in the MRI field. Technicians who work in dental laboratories.

What does a HIM specialist do?

In every step of the healthcare delivery process, HIM professionals have an impact on the quality of patient care and information. Patients may not be directly impacted, but their sensitive health information is still protected by these professionals.

Is health information management a good course?

Earning a good salary with a degree in health information management can enhance your career prospects. Those with advanced degrees and experience in the health care field can earn a substantial income. It will allow them to gain more benefits and progress in the field of health information.

Is medical technology a good career?

The medical laboratory technician career is a good one. As it turns out, medical laboratory technologists have higher wages as well as job growth forecasts that are faster than average.

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