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what does reductive mean in information technology?

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What do you mean by reduction?

A reduction of noise occurs when something gets smaller or less. It occurs when something is made smaller or less. It occurs when something is made smaller or less. The reduction of. Words or phrases. A reduction is i-ˈdək-shən

What is another word for reductive?

derivableinferableinferentialdeductivereasoneddeducibleinferriblea priorilikelyinferible

What does reductive method mean?

The process of simplifying a complex topic into a simpler, less detailed format; reductionistic; reductive. Words or phrases. This is the process of reducing something.

What is reductive imagery?

Art is usually described as a movement, but a reductionist aesthetic can be referred to as an artistic style.

What does Salaciousness mean?

Salacious headlines salacious lyrics salacious lyrics : successful in stirring sexual desire or imagination. Casey Greenfield details how melodramatic lovers and salacious partygoers are depicted in the book as "lesbrous, lustful" -.

What does reductive view mean?

Often, simplifying or omitting details reduces information to its simplest form. There is no point in reductive arguments because they simplify not only complex issues but also complex issues.

What is reductive process?

By a reductive reaction, halogens are removed from a halogenated organic compound. Reductive dehalogenation is defined as the removal of a halogen by the removal of a halogen. Reduced reactions, as their name implies, involve electron transfer to carbon-halogen bonds, which lower the oxidation state of the parent compound. Examples are given below.

What do you mean by reductive?

Reduction: one that consists of, involves, causes or causes to occur. : belonging to or related to reductionism: reductionistic in nature. Reductive Example Sentences 1. reductive example sentences 2. reductive example sentences 3.

What is reductive pathway?

Most biochemical reactions, including the synthesis of fatty acids, involve reduction, and reducing agents are thus required. The biosynthesis of reducible molecules and complex polymers requires energy, which is provided by ATP, whose energy release kick-starts the biosynthesis of endergonic molecules.

What is reduction in biology?

Something that is reduced or reduced. In any process where electrons are added to an atom or ion (such as by removing oxygen or adding hydrogen), the reducing agent is necessarily oxidized.

What is reductive metabolism?

Oxidation and reduction are the processes that provide metabolic energy. However, in this case, the electron acceptor and electron donor appear to be located on the same molecule, but the principle remains unchanged: One component is oxidized at the same time as the other component is reduced.

What is ment by reduction?

Reduction, either as an action or as a state. Defining a decrease or diminution in terms of its magnitude. Reduced copies can be produced through scaling down.

What is reduction in sentence?

This is a method of removing some redundant words or phrases from an original sentence while keeping its gist meaning intact by creating a new sentence that contains the same words and phrases. It is commonly used in many applications to reduce the length of sentences.

What is reduction in science?

Reduction. Any of a class of chemical reactions in which atoms or groups of atoms are given more electrons. As a result of this, another substance is oxidized in order to supply the electrons required by the reduced substance.

What words are related to reduction?

Abolition, , Deflation, , Reduce, , Decrease, , Indentation, , Deflation, , Suicide, , Diminution, ,

What is reductive method?

(a) Reduction is the process of *going back in time. (b) Manipulative means describing. Psychological interpretations which consider unconscious products not as symbols, but rather as symptoms of underlying processes, are known as semiotic interpretations.

What does reductive research mean?

Hence, reductionist approaches towards explaining structure and behavior involve lowering their complexities to less complex units. The more general meaning of reductionist approach refers to any approach that aims to simplify explanations. Often, researchers in the social sciences are also guilty of this kind of reductionism.

What is another word for reductive?

derivable inferable
inferential deductive
reasoned deducible
inferrible a priori
likely inferible

What is a reductive theme?

Having the tendency to simplify a subject or problem, especially in a crude way. The conclusion is reductive in and of itself.

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