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what is bluecoat in information technology?

If a client requests information from an OCS, the appliance acts as a proxy server to deal with the request. The appliances caches content for other users, and then the proxy serves that content to the client.

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What is bluecoat security gateway?

Security layering is ideal for Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway, as it includes next-generation URL filtering, central policy management, and WebPulse cloud security, which protects against the latest malware attacks 24/7.

What is bluecoat site review?

With WebPulse Site Review Request Site Review users can check WebPulse categorization of any URL and dispute it. Despite its name, this tool is unable to gather information about malicious URLs or files in real-time, as the full Symantec security solution does.

What is bluecoat device?

In technology terms, these devices are what's known as a "dual-use" technology, since they are dual-purpose devices capable of both protecting corporate networks and censoring internet traffic for governments. In addition to seeing encrypted traffic, the appliances can block websites or record website activity.

What is Bluecoat proxy used for?

Users can secure their websites using Blue Coat ProxySG, a cloud-based product. The addition of this event source to InsightIDR will make it easier to analyze security data.

Who makes Bluecoat?

June 2016 marked the acquisition by Symantec of Blue Coat. As a global leader in cyber security, Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) is an industry leader. Due to the presence of one of the world's largest cyberintelligence networks, we see some of the most advanced cyberattacks and protect more customers from these threats.

What does BlueCoat proxy do?

To ensure a safe web and cloud experience, Edge SWG provides an innovative proxy server architecture that effectively manages, controls, and secures traffic. You can enable Symantec secure web access through a secure web-filtering proxy. Visualize encrypted traffic on the web.

What is BlueCoat reverse proxy?

The Blue Coat Proxy SG Web Application Reverse Proxy provides organizations with protection against malicious attacks and accelerates their access to trusted and untrusted environments. With ProxySG, there is both server-side and client-side certificate support. Encryption and decryption for web services, and digital signature verification are also supported.

What is a proxy service used for?

The proxy server serves as a gateway to the Internet for users. In the case of a computer connected to the internet, it uses an IP address to identify itself to the internet and the pages it visits on the web. A server is called an "intermediary" because it stands between an end-user and the pages they view on the web.

How does BlueCoat filter work?

With WebPulse, 75 million users are secured collaboratively with WebFilter. Whenever new or unknown web content is published, WebPulse analyzes and categorizes it in real-time. Using WebPulse at the web gateway, WebFilter automatically updates its ratings and protection so that it provides the most accurate results.

What is Symantec bluecoat?

The company's Advanced Web & Cloud Security platform protects your enterprise against web-based threats, enables cloud-based data protection, and gives you flexible policy control so you can enforce your business policies across enterprise and cloud environments, including web, social, and mobile.

How do I check my Bluecoat?

By checking https://sitereview, you can determine the most recent category associated with a particular URL. In blue coat. The company. There is another simple alternative, which is to test all the URLs through the ProxySG command line. If you have several URLs, it might be overwhelming to do that one at a time.

What is bluecoat category?

In addition to categorizing billions of web pages for internet administrators in 85 useful categories that can be managed by IT professionals, the Blue Coat WebFilter categorizes web pages in more than 50 languages. WebFilter allows IT administrators to set granular policies and be flexible in how they are applied.

What is bluecoat Web Filter?

With WebFilter, we've combined URL filtering and anti-malware technology into a collaborative cloud defense architecture to bring the next generation of Web filtering to life. You can easily enforce corporate security policies and block the most recent malware with Blue Coat WebFilter.

Is bluecoat part of Broadcom?

The deal involves a massive $10 payment from Broadcom to Symantec for its enterprise business. It was a $7 billion deal that broke up the largest pure-play cybersecurity company in the world.

What kind of proxy is BlueCoat?

HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP transactions are handled by the Blue Coat SG appliance. There are rules configured in this module that route data to Websense ICAP. It's possible to select a different mode when needed.

What is WebPulse site review?

Using Symantec WebPulse Site Review, users can conduct an audit to determine what URLs and domains are currently categorized as WebPulse. The Symantec WebPulse Site Review connector can be added to FortiSOARTM playbooks to automate processes such as classifying URLs and domains based on their categories.

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